Custom Orthotics in Riverside, CA

Foot Levelers' Custom Orthotics 

Foot Levelers is the world’s leading provider of individually designed custom orthotics, custom orthotic flip-flops, Shoethotics® and Sandalthotics®.

Your feet are the foundation of your spinal health. Now, Dr. Elgendy Offers an assessment with the state-of-the-art scanning system created by Foot Levers to assess her patients' Pronation/Stability Index™ number with 3D BODY VIEW. The index reveals the severity of pronation/stability in your feet, ranging from Optimal to Severe.

Untreated imbalances of any level may lead to chronic problems throughout your body. Come on in and get measured and get your number today for FREE! (Value of $65.00)

Custom Orthotics by Foot Levelers.

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